Meet Roxane, Our Social Media and eCommerce Guru

Hello everyone! My name is Roxane and I’m the Vault’s online sales and social media person. We thought I should introduce myself so you know who the vintage fanatic behind the scenes is as I answer your DMs, coordinate the mailing of your orders, and process the listing of cool new items on our website.

I’ve just moved to NYC but am originally from Providence, Rhode Island and used to shop at the Vault in high school, so when I was hired at the Vault’s other location in Burlington, Vermont during college I was super excited! I’ve now worked at both stores, and even though I’m remote these days I have loved getting to know all the talented vendors whose wide variety of tastes all contribute to the Vault’s special appeal. 


Pictured in a dress from the Rolling Thunder, Vanessa Compton’s booth at the Vermont store.

Favorite Vault purchases:
In high school I bought a knit sweater from the Rhode Island store that features different types of homes (victorian, condo, colonial, etc.). I love how kitschy it is. My favorite detail is the sweater’s buttons which each look like for sale signs. I have plenty of other more daily wear type sweaters I’ve bought at the Vault but the homes one is my favorite. I also love a lacy slip I got from Sam DuPont’s booth Project Object at the Vermont store. It makes me feel like a fancy doll! As my yiddish speaking relatives would say, it’s a bit ungapatchka [over the top] but in a great way. 

Best places to shop vintage:
Aside from the Vault, my go-to vintage shopping destination in Providence is Nostalgia Antiques. I’m also really excited to check out Urban Thread, a consignment store that opened up just around the corner from Nostalgia. When I still lived in Burlington, I loved to shop at the Outdoor Gear Exchange's basement consignment section. I just moved to New York City, so I’m only beginning to figure out the thrifting scene here.

In the mean time, my job is great because I get to see all the fun items that are listed before anyone else does (don’t worry, I don’t cherry pick). You can click here to see some of my favorite pieces!

I’m particularly taken with the shoes that we’ve been listing lately. I love all the leather boots and clogs. There are also some really fun midi skirts. I appreciate a good skirt and tee or skirt and sweater combo. We also have a lot of good jeans listed online right now. I am a firm believer that vintage denim is way better than any new denim items you’ll find. Also, right now the website has a mix of flashier jeans and everyday wear ones so there’s a great mix to choose from.