Meet the Vault: Mickey, our Vermont Store Manager

Get to know Mickey, our wonderful manager at The Vault Collective Vermont. We asked Mickey about her style inspirations, early vintage memories, and passions outside of work. Read her answers below: 

Growing up I definitely wanted to be a ballerina, for sure. I wanted to be a ballet dancer. And being a stylist was always something that appealed to me. I never really wanted to make clothes, but I always wanted to put clothes on people and create outfits. 

I have a memory of being 10 or 11 and going on a day trip to Nantucket, and visiting a vintage store for the first time. I remember going with my mom and my little sister, Kasia, who also works at The Vault now. We went into the store and it was just packed with pastel satin & silk lingerie. I just thought they were the most beautiful things I’d seen in my entire life. I got these super cute poly high rise shorts, sky blue with six gold buttons on the front - sailor style. And that was the first piece of vintage I ever owned. That’s always been a very happy memory for me. Once I got more freedom as a middle schooler, and was able to start walking around and doing things myself, I got more into thrifting. After school I would always go to the Salvation Army and Goodwill with my little friends. 

Mickey as a kid with a Bratz Doll, in an iconic balletcore-meets-Y2K look.

1960’s mod has always been my jam. I’ve always been really attracted to pop art and French new wave fashion. 70’s fashion always catches my eye as well. I think as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten more true to those inspirations with what I wear on the day-to-day. When I was a bit younger, like a high schooler, I wore more 80’s styles. I think that’s because 80’s clothes tend to fit my body the best, and not because I’m so into that aesthetic. My dreamier inspirations are more 60’s and 70’s. 

Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, and Anna Karina - the French new wave girls of the 60’s. I love a leg, a tall boot, and a mini mini mini skirt. That effortlessly cool look is my tried and true. Alexa Chung is also a longtime source of inspiration of mine, and her style is very influenced by French new wave as well. A lot of Alexa Chung’s looks are about mixing ivy style with a rocker girlfriend thing. And I think that heavily influences how I dress. I like a structured piece in a posh or sporty way, and then having some edgier element like messy makeup, or something sheer or ripped mixed in. 


Mickey’s cool-girl style inspirations : Jane Birkin, Anna Karina, and Alexa Chung

What draws me to vintage pieces are at two ends of the spectrum - either an item’s durability, or its complete lack of it. I like things that are so dainty and delicate that they’re just going to fall apart if you don’t treat them super well, and you can’t wear them all the time. And on the other hand, I’m drawn to really rugged things that have stood the test of time and will last forever - like a great leather or denim jacket. That dichotomy is what entices me. 


Left to right: (1) Mickey in an embroidered top, (2) with Ruth from Gypsum Vintage in antique nightgowns sourced at Brimfield, and (3) in a blouse from Project Object Vintage.

Outside of work, I’m an avid reader - I love to read. I studied English in college, so I’m a book girl. I’m a cat mom to Ruby, the light of my life. I love playing cards with my boyfriend, amd thrifting, of course. Dancing is also so central to who I am - I think my love for ballet, dance, and art has totally influenced my fashion tastes, and really just my whole being forever. So that’s kind of awesome. 


Film photography by Daniel Brooks

I started working at The Vault pretty quickly after I graduated from college, and I was really anxious about not having an adult community to be around that I kind of melded into effortlessly after school. I felt so welcomed and respected when I started managing The Vault. And I learned so much from the people that I work with, and continue to learn everyday. I consider everyone I work with a friend, beyond being a coworker.