Meet The Vault: Heather of Fresh and Fossil

A smiling woman in a blue jacket is turned sideways. Her face is turned forward.


Heather of Fresh and Fossil, featured at the Vault in Rhode Island, has shared with us what makes collectives special and the many exciting projects she’s working on.


How did you get started as Fresh and Fossil?

I read an article about a woman running her own resale business online, and I was fascinated at the thought of doing it myself.  I loved fashion and always wanted to start my own business, so this seemed like a perfect fit.  I began thrifting after my teaching job almost everyday, and slowly but surely it began to take over my life. In 2019 I was fortunate enough to leave teaching in order to focus on Fresh & Fossil full time- and it’s been my career ever since.

Racks on clothing are pictured next to a wall. There is a dressed mannequin at the front.

Heather’s booth at The Vault RI.

What are your favorite things about selling at the Vault?

Selling at the Vault is a much more involved experience than any other collective I’ve sold at previously.  I truly enjoy working at The Vault for our scheduled shifts, as it allows me to stay connected to the shop, our customers and our staff.  

I think the hardest transition from working in a school to working for myself, was the immediate lack of co-workers. As wonderful as my cat Arthur is, he doesn’t lend himself to conversing as much as I’d like. 


A grey and white cat is visible up close. The cat sits next to a window.

Heather’s cat/sometimes-work companion, Arthur.

Additionally, having a home base to send local customers to has been vital. In person shopping is a really important aspect of selling vintage, and having a space that’s open 7 days a week representing my collection has been great.


The words 'Bloom Collective' are written in cursive. At the bottom , there is an image of a flower. Next to the flower are the letters, 'PVD RI'.

What inspired you to open Bloom Collective?

Before I began vending at the Vault, I started a group collective shop of both artisan and vintage dealers on Block Island, RI. One of my vendors, Savannah, expressed interest in bringing that model off island, and together she and I started Bloom Collective on the mainland to give ourselves and our artisan vendor friends more opportunities to sell together and showcase work. 

Bloom Collective recently joined Bow Market in Sommerville, outside of Boston. What has it been like getting to know a new community of vendors and artisans?

It’s been a great pleasure meeting so many incredible vintage dealers and artisans from the Boston area. The creative communities in both Providence and Boston are so vast, it’s exciting to get to know even a fraction of these amazing folks. Curating a collection towards both of these avenues has been wildly rewarding. 


People sit around a courtyard. There are flags and smoke in the background.

A view of Bow Market

Is there anything else you want to share?

I’m actually really excited to announce that Fresh & Fossil is going to have a new permanent seasonal home on Martha’s Vineyard.  I’ll be living out on the Vineyard this summer and opening my very own vintage shop! Though I’ll be doing business as "Island Vintage," Fresh & Fossil will remain my parent company and you’ll still be able to shop my collection at the Vault.

An old painting depicts people walking around a town.

If you’re heading out to the island this summer, please come visit Island Vintage at 30 Main St. in Vineyard Haven!

Heather and her partner, Alex.